World leader in continuous systems for dough preparation

The future of dough preparation is in continuous systems for dosing, mixing & kneading. All industrial bakeries want a constant and consistent flow of dough. Any industrial bakery interested in minimizing the cost in preparing the required dough quality cannot ignore the benefits a Sobatech continuous system brings:


  • A constant and consistent flow of dough with always the same dough temperature: no head-tail effect = a predictable production process.
  • A constant and consistent dough quality: less re-adjustment of up-stream equipment = less waste.
  • A high energy efficiency: serious lower energy consumption = serious lower energy costs (not to mention a seriously lower carbon foot-print)
  • Minimal increase in dough temperature: no need to additional cooling measures = lower costs.
  • Maintaining dough quality with lower grade flour: the same (or even better) bread quality with cheaper flour = earning money.
  • Reduction in yeast and improver consumption: the same (or even better) bread quality with less ingredients = earning money again.
  • Increased water absorption: the same quantity of flour absorbs more water = longer shelf-life.
  • Fully automated system: constant and consistent dough quality no matter who operates the line = less headache related to labour.

Apart of these benefits there are plenty of more reasons to introduce Sobatech continuous technology in your bakery. They can be found further on in our web-site. We also invite you to investigate what Sobatech can bring your bakery operation by contacting us.