Sobatech C-Care: Continuous support for constant line productivity

C-Care stands for Continuous Care from Sobatech for its customers. C-Care is a comprehensive package of support services and products designed at optimizing the productivity of any Sobatech line. The C-Care program is tailor made to the needs and demands of each Sobatech user. It consists of various parts and the individual Sobatech user can choose which parts of C-Care are actually used.


Sobatech is absolutely focussed on the up-time of its lines and equipment. An as high as possible up-time is the continuous guide-line for the design, engineering and organisation of our products and services. C-Care is no exception. C-Care in combination with a regular maintenance schedule provides bakeries the highest security for a long and productive life of the Sobatech continuous dosing, mixing and kneading systems.


C-Care consists of the following parts:


  • C-Care on-call
    This is the telephone support and trouble-shooting service. Knowledgeable and hands-on Sobatech technicians provide practical answers to immediate questions and issues. C-Care on-call is also the portal for spare-parts.
  • C-Care on-line.
    An internet link provides connection to the Sobatech line and the technical-support department. A connection can only be made with explicit approval of the bakery. C-Care on-line allows experienced Sobatech engineers to evaluate and analyse any issues that might have occurred. They are then dealt with and solved on-line. This is a much faster and more cost-effective to eliminate faults. Also soft-ware up-dates and system calibrations can be done via C-Care on-line.

    Note: C-Care on-call & on-line are often used in combination with each other.
  • C-Care kit.
    The C-Care kit is a selection of vital spare-parts in an easy to access and very recognizable case. When a spare-part is needed, reach for the C-Care kit! Each C-Care kit is custom made for each individual Sobatech line and holds the correct spare parts. All parts are clearly identified with serial numbers for easy re-ordering once a part is used.  
  • C-Care on-site.
    Scheduled regular visits by experienced Sobatech technical people for inspection and maintenance is C-Care on-site. The timing and frequency of visits are set to the specific needs of each Sobatech customer and line.

+31-(0)43-888-2000 (telephone)

+31-(0)43-888-2049 (fax) (e-mail)