Dough consistency: good in = good out

Baking bread requires a lot of steps and different processes. It is a chain of actions where the begin dictates the result. Therefore it is of high importance that the start of the bread making process is a good one.


The start of bread making is a consistent dough: a dough that has the same temperature the same development and the same characteristics every time, all the time. This, in short, is the core business of Sobatech. Its continuous systems allow bakeries to transform raw materials into a consistent dough.


The main driver for dough consistency is a repeatable and predictable end-product quality. An important side effect is that this consistency (and the consequent repeatability and predictability) also reduces waste and line stoppages. In other words, a consistent dough lowers costs.


Sobatech equipment is worldwide the best in making sure that:

  • the right amount of ingredients are present in the dough.
  • all these ingredients are evenly & constantly distributed over the whole mass.
  • the development of the dough (= the energy input through sheer) is everywhere the same.
  • the temperature of the dough is constant and consistent.
  • the flow of dough into the production line is constant.

These factors allow bakeries to start the bread making process in the best possible way and to have the best possible control over the quality of the end-product. If you put good in (with Sobatech) you get good out.