Mission & vision


Sobatech aims to make continuous dosing, mixing and kneading the standard process for dough preparation for all end-products in industrial bakeries worldwide. In addition to this, Sobatech continuous systems will be the reference in quality, craftsmanship, reliability and up-time through constant innovation, high level customer support and an unquestionable performance of its equipment in delivering the benefits to its customers.


Sobatech knows what its equipment, through the integral approach that we practise, can do for dough consistency and dough quality. The deliverance of the benefits of its equipment under the practical circumstances that Sobatech customers operate in is our end-result.


Therefore Sobatech devotes much attention and resources to its employees in order to provide the optimal conditions for meeting the demands and requirements of our customers, and our other stake-holders.



Bread products will become a greater part of the daily menus of more and more people, worldwide. Furthermore, the variety of bread products will continue to expand as well. This growth in demand must be met with limited resources. Sobatech wants its equipment and services to allow its customers meeting this increased demand while reducing the needed resources to do so. 


In depth knowledge of its customers, their markets and the circumstances under which they operate will make Sobatech the preferred partner of industrial bakeries to serve its bread consumers with any type of bread anywhere in the world.