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    Todays growing (food) product and quality demand encourages Industrial food producers to offer more innovative products. Todays food producers master recipes that are more and more elaborate and varied. At the same time, the quality of the dough must be consistent in order to repeat recipes identically on a large scale and increase yield. Also, food producers increasingly seek optimized production costs. It is the dough mixer’s task to ease the process of actual production as well as the intermediate phases of startup and maintenance.

    Sobatech offers food producers a wide variety of continuous mixers/kneaders allowing for the production of up to 10 tonnes of dough per hour. Freshly baked goods, cereals, long-life bakery products, convenience foods, meat substitutes, confectionary and snacks. Sobatech offers a solution to each product, consisting of both solid and liquid ingredients, that needs to be homogeneously mixed. Sobatech’s mixing solutions can be customized based on the rheology of your product.

    The customized set-up of automated mixing/kneading systems integrates dosing, mixing/kneading, dough transfer and bulk fermenting stations to obtain maximum productivity in compliance with your production process.

    In short, Sobatech is fascinated by translating the manual dough production of the traditional baker into a continuous industrial and automated process.

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