Cleaning in Place (CIP) by Sobatech..

Sobatech continuous dosing and continuous mixing systems have been designed in response to the demand from the food and beverage industry and offer a high level of hygienic construction.

One of these constructions is Sobatech’s cleaning in place system.

The Sobatech continuous mixers can be cleaned with for instance chemicals, sugar or just (warm) water. Our CIP system proved to be a very efficient way of cleaning and is an integral part of our customers automated plants.

How does Sobatech’s CIP system work?

1. The mixer runs empty by running the tools on high speed

Sobatech Cleaning in Place
Sobatech continuous mixer tools run empty

2. A high pressure pump is used to fill the mixers with warm water at a high speed. In the mixer chamber, (rotating) nozzles are installed. The water will be injected on the running tools (low speed during cleaning) and clean the chamber and tools
The turbulence in the water created by the rotating tools is so strong that the tools are effectively rinsed. 

Sobatech Cleaning in Place
Mixing chamber filled with water

3. At the outlet of the mixer there will be a locker with a seal including a valve. On the other side of that valve a flexible hose is connected. The flexible hose will be connected to a drain in the floor.

Sobatech Cleaning in Place
Drain CIP Sobatech continuous mixer

4. After cleaning, the valve has to be opened and the water goes through the flexible hose into the drain. After that, the mixing chamber is cleaned and ready for production.

This process takes about 15 minutes in total.

Please let us know if you need more information about our cleaning and hygienic options.

-Team Sobatech

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