Cleaning in Place (CIP)

    Sobatech continuous mixing systems have been designed in response to the demand of the food and beverage industry. The system offers a high level of hygienic construction. One of the corresponding features is Sobatech’s automated Cleaning in Place (CIP) system. The CIP system proves to be an efficient way of cleaning and is often an integral part of Industrial food production plants. The Sobatech continuous mixer can be cleaned with for instance chemicals, sugar or just (warm) water. Sobatech offers two cleaning-in-place (CIP) options; (1) semi-automated or (2) fully-automated.


    1. The continuous mixer runs empty by (automatically) running the tools on high speed
    Sobatech Cleaning in Place
    Sobatech continuous mixer tools run empty
    2. The continuous mixer is filled with warm water and ran on high speed

    In the continuous mixing chamber, (rotating) nozzles are installed. The water is sprayed at low speed on the running mixing tools. The turbulance in the water created by the rotating mixing tools effectively rinse the continuous mixer. 

    Sobatech Cleaning in Place
    Mixing chamber filled with water
    3. After cleaning, the dirty water is drained

    At the outlet of the continuous mixer there will be a locker with a seal including a valve. On the other side of that valve, there is a flexible hose that is connected to a drain in the floor.
    After cleaning, the valve is opened (automatically) and the water is drained. After that, the mixing chamber is cleaned and ready for production.

    This process takes about 15 minutes in total. Please see below for a video of the fully automated version of this process.

    Clean & continuous regards,

    Team Sobatech