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One of the advantages over a traditional production process is what we call constant consistency – Sobatech’s continuous dough processing equipment helps your organization to eliminate all variations in: (1) temperature, (2) development and (3) homogeneousness. Put differently, continuous dosing and mixing by Sobatech constantly ensures a consistent dough quality; every split second. This automated  & continuous process results in:

  • less product waste

In a continuous dough mixer there is no head and no tail- meaning every piece of dough has had the same (mechanical) treatment and fermentation process. Because of that, there are no variations in homogeneity making sure weighing can be done much more accurately – resulting in less product waste.

Each piece of dough gets the same (mechanical) treatment meaning the dough temperature is kept consistent. Besides that, the Sobatech continuous dough mixers have a large contact surface with a relatively small amount of dough in the continuous mixing chamber. This results in very efficient cooling or heating. Lastly, in case of extreme high or low desired product temperature, Sobatech developed their patented HOT&COOL technology in which the continuous mixing tools are made hollow to ensure cooling/heating at the exact point of friction,

Sobatech constantly measure the energy put into the dough per kilogram (wh/kg). This is an essential objective parameter that Sobatech uses to design their continuous mixing tools. During the live trials at the continuous pilot plant – Sobatech determines whether the product is in need of low – medium or high shear. This in combination with the customer’s recipe forms the base for engineering the continuous mixing tools.

  • constant development of the dough and gluten structure

Every piece of dough going through the Sobatech continuous mixer has had the same mechanical treatment – each piece of dough must pass through the entire mixing chamber before it is discharged. Besides that, the mixing chambers have a relatively large contact surface.  This results in a constant (gluten) development of the dough.

The homogenizer phase (innovation by Sobatech) guarantees a high level of water absorption and therefore more moisture in the end-product. In this phase the ingredients are not mixed mechanically, resulting in a 100% homogenous and consistent flow of mass. The excellent mixing characteristics of this first stage ensures, via a medium pressurized water injection system, a perfect hydration of the flour and a very substantial and homogeneous distribution of the active substances. The products are dosed into the homogenizer and from that medium dosed into the Sobatech continuous mixer (mechanical kneading phase).

  • High cooling capacity of the continuous mixer

The jacketed mixing chamber has a large contact surface in combination with a relatively small amount of dough in the continuous mixer, resulting in very efficient cooling.

Sobatech continuous mixer
Sobatech continuous mixer
Continuous mixer lit
Continuous mixer lit


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