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Constant consistency…

The advantages over batch kneaders are impressive – lets start with constant consistency
Sobatech’s continuous food processing equipment helps your organization to eliminate all variations in:

  • temperature
  • development
  • homogeneousness

Continuous mixing and dosing by Sobatech constantly ensures a consistent product quality; every split second.
The continuous processing systems result in:

  • no head no tail effect – less waste – more consistency
  • constant specific weight – less scrap
  • constant (controlled) temperature
  • controlled energy input (wh/kg)
  • constant development of the dough and gluten structure
  • maximum water absorption by the flour (due to a.o. Sobatech’s homogenizer)
  • High cooling capacity of the continuous mixer
    The jacketed mixing chamber of the Sobatech continuous mixer has a large contact surface in combination with a relatively small amount of dough in the continuous mixer, resulting in very efficient cooling.
Sobatech's homogenizer
Sobatech’s homogenizer


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