Continuous mixing meat substitutes

Continuous meat replacers by Sobatech..

Dear reader,

As you might know, Sobatech and partners have been working on the development of a variety of meat substitutes for many years. Now, the first developments finally come to an end. Throughout the years, Sobatech has become your partner in co-developing meat replacers combined with a simple and highly efficient continuous production process.

The relationship between meat consumption and a healthy and sustainable diet is a hot topic in social debate. The grow of meat replacers popularity is undeniable as more and more consumers are buying meat replacers such as minced meat, burger and chicken strips every day. Consumers are becoming more (environmental) conscious and as a result more people adopt plant based diets.

Therefore, a wide variety of food producers are aiming to create meat replacers having the best texture, bite, coloring taste ánd price. For the past few years, Sobatech worked on developing a simplified continuous production process that aims manufacturers to reach that objective.

The Sobatech continuous dosing and mixing system is able to produce a variety of recipes and/or products on one and the same production line. At the same time, the range of output quantities are unlimited.  

Are you interested in transforming your labor intensive production process in a simple and automated one? Please contact one of our team members and we are proud to show you what enthuse us every day.

Meat replacers by Sobatech
Meat replacers by Sobatech
Continuous mixing meat substitutes
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