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    Continuous online training sessions

    We are pleased and exicted to inform you that Sobatech organized a variety of continuous online training sessions related to the principles of continuous mixing.
    This way we can e-meet you all and discuss interesting topics related to continuous dough mixing, such as:

    • Kneading intensity in relation to dough temperature rise
    • How to calculate the kneading intensity?
    • Cooling capacity of a continuous mixer compared to a batch mixer
    • How to check dough homogeneity in a practical way
    • Maximum dough development in relation to time
    • The effect of vacuum during mixing
    • Parameters for cost of ownership
    • How to mix a liquid dough to time to peak in an extreme short amount of time
    • The negative effects of the head- and tail on a batch system
    • The importance of accurate dosing of the separate ingredients
    • The positive effect of the use of a homogenizer
    • Less waste of energy on a continuous mixing process
    • High yield production by controlling and connecting production equipment
    • Low gluten development (short dough types) require lots of energy input
    • The result of more or less water on the viscosity of the dough
    • The result of more or less water on the energy input of the dough
    • The use of redundant dosing in combination with pasteurization of filled pouches

    All in all, do you simply want to learn more about continuous mixing or do you have specific questions in relation to you production process? Please sign up for one of the complimentary (private) online training sessions by sending an e-mail to Please include the ‘continuous’ topics of your interest and one of our teammembers will contact you soon.

    Continuous regards,

    Team Sobatech

    continuous dough mixing
    continuous dough mixing
    online training Sobatech