Cost savings..

Continuous mixing breadcrumb
Continuous mixing pizza
Continuous mixing breadcrumb
Continuous mixing chocolate
Continuous mixing breadcrumb
Continuous mixing pasta
  • Reduction of labor costs

Labor cost decrease as a result of the high automation grade of Sobatech’s continuous dough mixers. Sobatech’s customers call it the “the dark room concept” as there is simply no light burning at the location of the mixer/kneader.

  • Less product waste

In a continuous dough mixing process there is no head and no tail of the dough. This means that every piece of dough has had the same (mechanical) treatment and fermentation process. Because of that, there are no variations in homogeneity allowing more accurate weighing – resulting in less product waste.

  • Less floor space

Sobatech is known for its flexible and compact building style. Sobatech bases its layout drawings on customers preferred floorplan. Besides that, a continuous mixing system simply need less space. A continuous mixer/kneader of about 2.5m length, 0.5m width, 1m height can produce up to 6ton of dough per hour (exact measures depend on the product type). All in all, Sobatech’s continuous mixers are able to produce high capacities of dough in at relatively small floor plan.

  • Low maintenance

We sometimes wish our spare parts revenue was higher 😉 Yet, we take pride in solely producing high quality systems.

  • No ice or cold gasses are needed for cooling the dough during mixing

Sobatech’s systems can be completely temperature controlled. Sobatech’s continuous mixers/kneaders are simply HOT & COOL. Please check out more here.

  • Less energy waste

Sobatech registers the energy put in the dough (Wh/kg) and believes in the importance of this objective parameter. Sobatech’s continuous dough mixers are the only one in the world that constantly monitor the energy in Wh/kg that is put into the dough. This allows the system to constantly audit dough development. Please check out more about our controlled energy input here.

  • Reduction of expensive active additives

Due to the combination of a gentle mass treatment and excellent mass development, Sobatech has proven that the same or better end-product quality can be reached with e.g. lower grade flour, less yeast and less improvers.

Any industrial food producer interested in minimizing its Production cost, cannot ignore the benefits a Sobatech system brings.

Welcome to the world of continuous production, welcome to Sobatech.

Sobatech continuous mixer / kneader
Sobatech continuous mixer / kneader
Continuous mixer / kneader
Continuous mixer / kneader
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