Dough homogeneity

    Dough homogeneity

    Sobatech proclaims to be the specialist in creating homogeneous food products, but what is dough homogeneity and how do we measure it?

    Liquid coloring & oval glasses

    An homogeneous food product is a product in which the seperate ingredients are evenly distributed over the complete mass. During tests at our continuous testing facility, Sobatech generally use two practical ways of measuring dough homogeneity. The first one is by simply adding a few drops of liquid coloring into the continuous mixing system. The second one is by taking a piece of dough and put it in between two oval glasses. These glasses are hold against bright daylight which allows to easily analyze the mass on lumps and other inconsistencies. Please see the latest video on our Youtube channel or read the correspondingĀ news item.

    Shear force

    In short, Sobatech believes the best blender is actually a kneader. Put differently, shear force is needed in order to homogenize dough types and disclose lumps. Lumps can be flour particles that are capsulized by the liquid ingredients like oil. For that reason, Sobatech designed a new type of mixer tooling. We call this: the wing-shaped mixing tool. This mixer tool is especially suitable for food products in need of high dough development and homogeneity.

    Dough homogeneity