Continuous Homogenizer

    Continuous Homogenizer

    Phase 1 mixing

    A Sobatech continuous mixing system uses a 2-phase process for mixing the ingredients into a consistent and homogeneous mass. After being gravimetrically dosed, and on their way to the continuous mixer inlet, the ingredients pass through the homogenizer phase (phase 1 mixing). The homogenizer is responsible for injecting the liquid ingredients, by means of medium pressure, into the powders. The liquid ingredients enter the homogenizer in a pre-defined order. The homogenizer phase is a non-mechanical way of blending the ingredients before mechanical energy is applied in the actual continuous kneader (phase 2 mixing).

    Product specification

    • Seperate connection point for each liquid
    • Dedicated nozzles with spray pattern for all liquid ingredients
    • Fast & easy connection/dis-connection function (ensuring easy cleaning procedure)
    • Complete stainless steel execution