Product and Production process testing

Continuous automated dough mixing
Continuous dough mixing (second phase mixing)

All the proof you need – Even though you know all the benefits related to continuous processing technology, Sobatech understands that organizing your production process in a new innovative way can be exciting. Therefore, Sobatech has its own testing lab where you find a proven way to apply that knowledge on your specific products.

At Sobatech’s testing lab, a fully automated continuous dosing and continuous mixing system is available for product and production process testing.The testing lab is equipped with several solid and liquid continuous dosing options (based on the Loss-in-Weight principle). Besides that, a large variety of continuous mixing tools are available. Generally, Sobatech designs customized continuous mixing tools – meaning the dimensioning of the mixer tools are based on the desired product characteristics (viscosity/development & temperature). The testing lab includes twelve different continuous mixing tools – from extreme low shear to high shear tooling. Based on a manual pre-test on the product, the right mixer tooling will be installed in the continuous test mixer.

Lastly, the testing lab is equipped with discharge belts, a manual sheeter, several forming options and an industrial oven. The continuous testing facility helps you to identify the advantages that are meaningful to you (such as greater consistency and reduced labor). Also, you will learn more about food safety and energy control.  When the preferred ingredient and final product temperatures are given, Sobatech can provide the theoretically calculated dough temperature and power needed for mixing the required dough. After the trials, a test report (including pictures and videos of the test) will be written and provided by the Sobatech team.

For more information please contact Geneviève Lekner at or +31621869812.

We look forward to welcoming you at our continuous testing lab in Maastricht – The Netherlands.

Continuous regards,

-Team Sobatech

Sobatech testing lab
Sobatech testing lab
Sobatech homogenizer (first phase mixing)
Sobatech homogenizer (first phase mixing)
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