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Sobatech Hygienic design

Sobatech’s hygienic design

Hygienic design of equipment in food processing

Sobatech continuous dosing and continuous mixing systems have been designed in response to the demand from the food and beverage industry.

Our systems offer a high level of hygienic construction as standard. The hygienic design of our equipment plays an important role in controlling the microbiological safety and quality of the products made.

The hygienic design can be customized to meet your exact mixing / hygiene requirements.

“Hanging design”
Our continuous dosing and mixing systems can for instance be offered in a “hanging” hygienic design; meaning the complete system is hanging and therefore eases the cleaning procedure of the production environment.


The complete design is also rounded and sloped for draining. All is welded, flushed and polished to provide an incredibly smooth surface.

Hygienic design Sobatech
Hygienic design Sobatech


Sobatech Hygienic design