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    Bagley Sobatech

    Bagley Latinoamérica

    Santiago Marino, Process and Technology Manager

    Sobatech's continuous systems are used in many food production industries all over the world, producing an endless variety of food products. We are grateful that Bagley as one of our valuable clients shared their personal experience about our collaboration on this page.

    About Bagley…

    Bagley is a biscuit company, founded in 1864 and market leader in Argentina, with a strong presence in Chile and Brazil. It has four factories in Argentina, two in Brazil and one in Chile.
    Bagley is outstanding for its quality, and variety in the products it offers. It launches over 40 products per year and contributes to the nutrition of grown ups and children, permanently trying to satisfy the needs of all its consumers.
    Among its main assets, we can mention its strong brand equity. It counts with leading brands in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile, which, day after day, capture new consumers. The most important brands are: Criollitas, Opera, Rex, Sonrisas, Tentaciones, Traviata, Chocolinas and assorted Bagley.

    How did you get in contact with Sobatech?

    Through a web research, as part of an exploration on continuous dough processing.

    What is the added value from Sobatech?

    The added value of Sobatech can be summarized as their specific knowledge and turn-key solutions

    Which Sobatech product or configuration do you use?

    We currently use Sobatech’s continuous bulk fermentation process

    Could you describe what the benefit is of continuous production for your company?

    • Consistency of the dough quality through time

    • Space saving

    • Simplification of the process

    How satisfied are you about the service from Sobatech?

    Completely satisfied. For that reason, we will consider Sobatech for future projects involving continuous dough processing.

    If you should describe Sobatech in one word it would be…


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