What are our continuous solutions?

    With its focus on three parts of the entire food production chain, Sobatech became a worldwide specialist in designing, manufacturing and commissioning equipment for: (1) the continuous dosing of raw materials, (2) the continuous mixing and kneading and (3) the continuous bulk fermenting of (food) products. The continuous production process starts at the weighing of the liquid and solid ingredients (continuous dosing).  After that, the solid ingredients are injected by the liquid ingredients in order to create an homogenous blend of ingredients (continuous homogenizing). Thereafter, energy is applied to the ingredients in order to equally distribute them over the complete mass (continuous kneading).  Finally, Sobatech’s continuous bulk fermenter allows the dough to rest and develop taste, aroma and consistency  (continuous bulk fermentation).
    Continuous bulk fermentation

    Continuous Bulk Fermenter

    Humidity, time and temperature controlled

    The preparation of many foods require a resting time for the development of taste, consistency, aroma etc. Time is a key factor within this continuous bulk fermentation process. Besides time, also ensuring each part of the mass is exposed to the same environmental conditions is of great importance in end-product quality and consistency.

    At the outlet of the continuous mixer, there is a vertical belt to bring the dough into the fermenter tube. The fermentation time can be controlled by adjusting the screw speed in that tube. The set point of the speed is included in the final recipe. At the outlet of the fermenter, there is a divider that takes out the product in a controlled way.

    The continuous fermenter has double jackets to stabilize the dough temperature. It is also possible to control the humidity in the tube. Combining time with an equal and controlled exposure to the right proofing conditions are the vital features of a Sobatech continuous bulk fermenter. Sobatech’s system control software allows to easily monitor and modify the temperature, humidity and speed of the continuous fermenter.


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      Continuous bulk fermenter