What are our continuous solutions?

    With its focus on three parts of the entire food production chain, Sobatech became a worldwide specialist in designing, manufacturing and commissioning equipment for: (1) the continuous dosing of raw materials, (2) the continuous mixing and kneading and (3) the continuous bulk fermenting of (food) products. The continuous production process starts at the weighing of the liquid and solid ingredients (continuous dosing).  After that, the solid ingredients are injected by the liquid ingredients in order to create an homogenous blend of ingredients (continuous homogenizing). Thereafter, energy is applied to the ingredients in order to equally distribute them over the complete mass (continuous kneading).  Finally, Sobatech’s continuous bulk fermenter allows the dough to rest and develop taste, aroma and consistency  (continuous bulk fermentation).
    Water dosing system

    Continuous Dosing Liquids

    Mass or flow controlled

    Sobatech’s software to control the feeder pump and other dosing hardware ensures a continuous and accurate flow of both dry ingredients as well as liquid ingredients of low, middle & high viscosity. Measurement equipment such as magnetic and Coriolis flow meters are used to regulate the correct quantity of liquid ingredients entering the continuous mixing system.


    In the Coriolis principle, the flow rate is calculated by measuring the amount of mass of a substance passing through a device for a given amount of time. As soon as the liquid starts to flow into the measuring tube, this oscillation creates additional rotation caused by the liquid passing through. Two sensors detect this change in the tube’s vibration over time and this “phase difference” is a direct measurement of the mass flow.  This principle automatically corrects for changes in product temperature or density.


    In the Magflow principle, the flow is calculated by measuring the volume of a substance through a device over a given period. The magnetic flow meter’s sensor is placed inline and measures an induced voltage generated by the fluid as it flows through a pipe. With this type of flowmeter, you enter the fluids density upfront in the HMI – it does not automatically corrects for changes in density or temperature of the product.


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      Continuous Dosing Liquids tanks