What are our continuous solutions?

    With its focus on three parts of the entire food production chain, Sobatech became a worldwide specialist in designing, manufacturing and commissioning equipment for: (1) the continuous dosing of raw materials, (2) the continuous mixing and kneading and (3) the continuous bulk fermenting of (food) products. The continuous production process starts at the weighing of the liquid and solid ingredients (continuous dosing).  After that, the solid ingredients are injected by the liquid ingredients in order to create an homogenous blend of ingredients (continuous homogenizing). Thereafter, energy is applied to the ingredients in order to equally distribute them over the complete mass (continuous kneading).  Finally, Sobatech’s continuous bulk fermenter allows the dough to rest and develop taste, aroma and consistency  (continuous bulk fermentation).
    Weighing hopper Sobatech flat bottom

    Continuous weighing solids

    Loss-in-Weight vs. Gain-in-Weight

    Dosing is essential for reaching the required product quality. If the various raw materials are not dispensed in the correct quantities to begin with, it will never be possible to produce a correct product. For that reason, the dosing of all solid & liquid ingredients is constantly monitored: the line stops and gives an alarm signal if a dosage (process value) deviates from the set value (the time and % of the deviation are adjustable).

    Sobatech believes in the benefits of gravimetric dosing which is based on the loss-in-weight principle. Sobatech’s dosing systems ensure an accurate flow of ingredients during both loss-in-weight (normal operation) as well as gain-in-weight (during refilling). The dosing systems are located on digital load cells that measure the weight reduction per time unit. Based on that information, the speed of the dosing screws is being controlled. Sobatech beliefs in the importance of seperating the major (flour) from the minor (premix) ingredients and therefore generally offers two dosing systems for the powders:

    1. Gravimetric Weighing Belt
    2. Flat Bottom Dosing Hopper

    On a gravimatric weighing belt, the speed of the belt x the flour weight on the belt = the amount of flour that is being dosed. On the flat bottom dosing hopper the weight reduction per time unit is the base for controlling the speed of the dosing screws.

    The design of the flat bottom ensures there is no compression on the dosing screws during refilling. Also, it has an symmetrical shape preventing bridge building from happening. Sobatech’s software system measures the flow of ingredients multiple times per second. Adjustments are made immediately, making it possible to achieve an extremely consistent dough quality.

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      Continuous dosing