What are our continuous solutions?

    With its focus on three parts of the entire food production chain, Sobatech became a worldwide specialist in designing, manufacturing and commissioning equipment for: (1) the continuous dosing of raw materials, (2) the continuous mixing and kneading and (3) the continuous bulk fermenting of (food) products. The continuous production process starts at the weighing of the liquid and solid ingredients (continuous dosing).  After that, the solid ingredients are injected by the liquid ingredients in order to create an homogenous blend of ingredients (continuous homogenizing). Thereafter, energy is applied to the ingredients in order to equally distribute them over the complete mass (continuous kneading).  Finally, Sobatech’s continuous bulk fermenter allows the dough to rest and develop taste, aroma and consistency  (continuous bulk fermentation).
    Sobatech homogenizer (first phase mixing)

    Continuous Homogenizer

    Phase 1 mixing

    A continuous mixing system by Sobatech uses a 2-phase process for mixing the ingredients into a consistent and homogeneous mass. As soon as all ingredients are evenly and accurately distributed over the complete mass (phase 1), the development takes place (phase 2). This is done in a controlled and extremely precise way during kneading. Production volumes range from 50 kg/hour to over 10,000 kg/hour. This can be accomplished in an almost employee free operational environment resulting in significant (labor) cost savings.

    Both phase 1 mixing (the homogenizer) and phase 2 mixing (the continuous kneader) are based on the first-in / first-out principle. After dosing the solid ingredients, they pass through the homogenizer phase. In this phase the powders are, by means of medium pressure, injected by the liquid ingredients. The liquids enter the homogenizer in a pre-defined order. This non-mechanical way of blending the ingredients is what we call the first phase of mixing. The homogenizer phase guarantees a high level of water absorption and therefore more moisture in the final product. 

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      Sobatech homogenizer (phase 1 mixing)