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    Jolande Nanning Sobatech

    Jolande Nanning

    CEO, Nanning Bakery NL

    Sobatech's continuous systems are used in many food production industries all over the world, producing an endless variety of food products. We are grateful that Nanning Bakery as one of our valuable clients shared their personal experience about our collaboration on this page.

    About Nanning Bakery

    “Nanning is a bakery specialised in producing gingerbread. Apart from gingerbread, they also produce traditional spice- and farmer’s cakes. They deliver the products to their customers every day ensuring the end-consumer always finds an extremely fresh product on the shelf. Nanning bakery is a family business founded in 1928 by great-grandfather. Since 1993, the company is specialized in a variety of cake products. The bakery recently became the largest bakery in the fresh cake segment. The fourth generation is currently working in the bakery with a motivated and well-trained team of bakers and other team members”.

    How did you get in contact with Sobatech?

    Sobatech was recommended by one of our suppliers.

    What is the added value from Sobatech?

    It was our objective to automate our process. We knew how the process should look like. Sobatech could translate that by their technological knowledge.
    They are very well able to translate practical challenges to a technical solution.

    Which Sobatech equipment or configuration do you use?

    We currently use the continuous dosing and mixing system of Sobatech

    Did the equipment measure your expectations?

    Yes, the system does what it has to do, it is robust

    Could you describe what the benefit is of continuous production for your company?

    • The quality of the dough is much more consistent since we use the continuous system

    • Production capacity has more than doubled

    • Production per employee has more than doubled

    • The heavier lifting work is automated, so that the work has become less stressful for the employees

    How satisfied are you about the service from Sobatech?

    We are very satisfied. Good, fast and above all personal service. Determined and solution-oriented in product-specific issues

    If you should describe Sobatech in one word it would be …


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