Continuous (TVP) hydrater

    Continuous (TVP) hydrater

    TVP hydration

    Between 2018 and 2020, the meat substitutes market revenue has increased by more than 83%. Meat replacers characterised by being indistinguisable from real meat mostly consist of Texturized Vegetable Proteins (TVP).  In order to offer a complete automated and continuous solution for the production of fibrous meat substitutes, Sobatech now offers a continuous (TVP) hydrater.

    This continuous hydrater offers an ideal solution to hydrate voluminous masses over time. It can be designed in different sizes and measurements so that it can hold products in high quantities.

    The hydration system is a closed system that is continuously fed with product. Inside the machine, the TVPs are hydrated in an equal and consistent manner without destroying its structure. This results in an equally hydrated TVP that is lump-free and ready to be further processed.

    Product specification

    • Automatic feeding of dry TVP (in different shapes and sizes)
    • Continuous process (fully automated)
    • System automatically feeds TVP into further continuous mixing phase
    • Ability to hydrate variety of voluminous masses for different applications