Because food is love…

    Sobatech is fascinated by translating the manual dough production of the traditional baker around the corner into a continuous automated process. Sobatech continuous food processing equipment is beneficial to almost any mass consisting of both liquid and solid ingredients. Sobatech started operating in the bakery industry back in 2005 and is now serving foods, snacks, confectionary, breads but also non-food related industries. This due to the fact that Sobatech customizes its continuous mixing tools based on the required product characteristics. Please have a look below for a few proof of principles.

    Sobatech pet food
    Pet food
    Continuous mixing meat substitutes
    Meat replacers
    Continuous mixing marzipan
    Sobatech continuous mixing baguette
    Continuous mixing breadcrumb
    Sobatech continuous mixing cookies
    Cookie & Biscuit
    Sobatech continuous mixing cupcake
    Continuous mixing breadcrumb
    Pasta dough
    Continuous mixing Sobatech brioche
    Brioche & buns
    Sobatech continuous mixing Steam bun
    Steam bun
    Continuous mixing breadcrumb
    Pizza dough
    Continuous mixing breadcrumb
    Chocolate paste
    Continuous mixing
    Puff pastry