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    A continuous mixing system ensures every piece of dough gets the same mechanical treatment at all times. Therefore, the flow of product always has the same final dough temperature. To control dough temperature, Sobatech can regulate the process water by mixing it with water of three temperature sources (cold, ambient and warm). Also, the continuous mixer can be equipped with double jackets to heat or cool the product. As continuous mixers create a relatively large contact surface (large product-tooling ratio), this turns out to be a very effective way of controlling dough temperature. Lastly, for extreme dough temperature; Sobatech invented the so called ‘HOT & COOL’ technology which allows to cool the dough at the exact point of friction.  Check out our dough temperature calculator below to see what your final process temperatures will be.

    Dough temperature calculator

    Curious about the optimum temperature for your production line? Make free use of our thermal calculator. Enter your details below and you can get started within 1 minute.

    Dough temperature calculator
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    Dough temperature calculator

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    Liquid yeast (based on 100% fresh yeast & 150% water) % kg / hr Input temperature (ºC)
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    Calculated Calorific value of raw materials prior to processing
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    Calculated reaction heat depending on the recipe and the moisture of the flour, moisture is
    Cooling capacity of the double jacket in the Mixer and the Kneader
    Estimated dough temperature rise due to kneading energy
    Calculated dough temperature including reaction heat and kneading energy

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