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Sobatech is a family business specialized in continuous dosing,  continuous mixing, kneading and proofing of all kinds of food products. Sobatech truly believes the future of industrial food production is continuous. Therefore, we strive to replace traditional batch processes worldwide with the very best in continuous dough processing. Benefit from the technologically advanced and fully automated equipment of Sobatech and constantly deliver a consistent food quality to your end-consumer.

Continuous dough mixing and kneading is one of the first stages of the entire (food) Production chain. This means that the moment you tackle this step well, you enjoy it throughout the entire production process. For example, due to improved dough homogeneity, weighing can be done more accurately. This results in less waste during dough make-up and packaging.


Continuous mixer
Continuous mixer / kneader (short design)
Continuous mixer / kneader
Continuous mixer / kneader (hanging design)
Continuous mixer / kneader
Continuous mixer / kneader (low design)
Continuous meat replacers by Sobatech.. - Dear reader, As you might know, Sobatech and partners have been working on the development of a variety of meat substitutes for many years. Now, the first developments finally come to an end. Throughout the years, Sobatech has become your partner in co-developing meat replacers combined with a simple and highly efficient continuous production process. The relationship between meat consumption and a healthy and sustainable diet is a hot topic in social debate. The grow of meat replacers popularity is undeniable as more and more consumers are buying meat replacers such as minced meat, burger and chicken strips every day. Consumers are becoming more (environmental) conscious and as a result more people adopt plant based diets. Therefore, a wide variety of food producers are aiming to create meat replacers having the best texture, bite, coloring taste ánd price. For the past few years, Sobatech worked on developing a simplified continuous production process that aims manufacturers to reach that objective. The Sobatech continuous dosing and mixing system is able to produce a variety of recipes and/or products on one and the same production line. At the same time, the range of output quantities are unlimited.   Are you interested in transforming your labor intensive production process in a simple and automated one? Please contact one of our team members and we are proud to show you what enthuse us every day. [caption id="attachment_1730" align="alignnone" width="2560"] Meat replacers by Sobatech[/caption]
Another continuous project completed! - Dear community, We are happy and excited to present you the latest project performed by Team Sobatech. The production line consists out of a continuous dosing and mixing system producing 1.500 kg of breadcrumb dough per hour. The system doses four liquid ingredients continuously via the Sobatech homogenizer (phase 1 mixing) in the continuous mixing chamber (phase 2 mixing). The customized mixing tools generate the exact kneading intensity determined during trials executed prior to the launch of this project. The liquid ingredients flow through a tube that is supplied with energy by a fixed vibration. When a liquid passes through this tube, the mass flow momentum will cause a change in the tube vibration. This means that there is no need to compensate for changing temperature, viscosity and pressure conditions. The solid ingredients are dosed via a gravimetric weighing belt and meet the liquid ingredients inside the homogenizer -  a non-mechanical way of blending the liquid and solid ingredients before they enter the actual mixing chamber. The mixing chamber and corresponding customized mixing tools are there to bring in the necessary shear force - all geared to the specific energy needed to develop this product. Please see below for a variety of pictures showing Sobatech's continuous design. Proud regards, Geneviève Lekner [caption id="attachment_1633" align="alignnone" width="444"] Sobatech continuous dosing pumps incl. storage tanks[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1631" align="alignnone" width="444"] Sobatech continuous mixer[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1629" align="alignnone" width="444"] Sobatech customized cinch-seals[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_1640" align="alignnone" width="444"] Continuous mixer lit[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1646" align="alignnone" width="445"] Sobatech - Allen Bradley controls[/caption]
Dough homogeneity - Dear Sobatech community, What is dough homogeneity and how do you measure it? As you might know, Sobatech always proclaims to be thé specialist in creating homogeneous foods. Put differently, we claim to constantly deliver a consistent product quality. But what is homogeneity and how do we actually measure constant consistency? Liquid coloring Evidently, there are multiple ways to measure dough homogeneity. During trials at our demo center we sometimes simply dose a few drops of liquid coloring into the dough to see how the coloring diffuses into the product. [caption id="attachment_1379" align="alignnone" width="2560"] Continuous dough mixer[/caption] Visual check - oval glasses Another way to measure dough homogeneity is to take a small amount of product and put it in between two oval glasses. The dough is pressed in between the glasses and hold against bright day-light. This allows to closely analyze the mass, its texture and possible lumps or other inconsistencies. To show you the effectiveness of this measure – we executed a small experiment. A liquid dough consisting of water and a premix of solids was created. Thereafter we treated the dough with three separate mechanical forces: 10 minutes on a batch mixer A pass through a Sobatech continuous mixer including low shear tooling A pass through a Sobatech continuous mixer including wing-shaped tooling (high shear) Please see below pictures for the results. [caption id="attachment_1592" align="alignnone" width="2403"] Picture 1: result of 10 minutes in a batch mixer[/caption] The darker spots show lumps of product and/or other inconsistencies. [caption id="attachment_1595" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Picture 2: result of one pass through a Sobatech continuous mixer incl. low shear tooling[/caption] This picture shows less darker spots and/or inconsistencies compared to picture 1. [caption id="attachment_1598" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Picture 3: result of one pass through a Sobatech continuous mixer incl. high shear tooling[/caption] This picture shows limited to no inconsistencies. Conclusion - it is all about shear force All in all, we can conclude from this experiment that the best blender is actually a kneader. Put differently, dough homogeneity is all about shear force. Shear is needed in order to disclose lumps (pieces of flour capsulized by liquid ingredients). For exactly that reason, Sobatech designed a new type of (extreme high shear) tooling. This tooling is called the wing-shaped tool and is all about maximizing shear force. This tool design, in combination with the general advantage of a continuous mixer that explains the relatively large contact surface inside the mixing chamber, results in a remarkable shear force. Do you want to learn more about this topic? Please visit our website or contact us on [caption id="attachment_582" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Sobatech's patented high shear mixing tools[/caption]

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