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Sobatech is the ambassador of innovative continuous technology for the dosing,  kneading and fermenting of food products. The Sobatech equipment speaks continuous and acts at remarkable accuracy. Sobatech replaces batch processes worldwide with the very best in continuous processes. Benefit from the technologically advanced machines of Sobatech, the “A” brand in the business.

Bake with the Best... - Bread and bakery products are booming in Asia, and possibly nowhere more so than in China. The consumption of bread and bakery products grew from a mere 2KG per person to 6KG per person today, and will grow to 10KG per person by 2020. For us at Larive International, this provided a solid basis to bring together a consortium of companies in the value chain of industrial bakeries, to jointly position the Dutch expertise in this sector in China. Hence, BakeryTechChina was born in 2016. When thinking about bakery products and bread, Chinese consumers tend to think about the classical shape of a croissant or even a French loaf. Hence, countries like France and Germany appear in the imagination of the consumer. We did a little experiment at our partner office in Suzhou and it amazed us. We asked the team to look at our potential ‘logo’. We showed the team members an image which portrays the shape of a classical bread slice and asked: “what do you see”. The answers included: “a strapless dress” and “a panda bear”... In short, we have a lot of work to do to show the expertise and added value that the Dutch industrial bakery sector can bring to the Chinese bakery sector. So, we decided to change the game and invite the World Master Baker of 2018, Peter Bienefelt, to join us in this challenge. He enthusiasticly agreed. Peter will showcase his capabilities on the China Bakery fair 2018 in Shanghai by given two exiting baking demonstrations on Thursday (May 10th) and Friday (May 11th). So who is this world's best baker? Peter Bienefelt won the title World Master Baker in February 2018 in the prestigious Masters de la Boulangerie competition. With remarkable concepts and courage, he managed to convince the jury of the special breads from the Netherlands. [caption id="attachment_319" align="alignnone" width="1500"] Dutchman Peter Bienefelt takes world’s best baker title for his wow factor bread[/caption] Bakery China fair 2018 We decided, where better to show Peter’s skills than at the Bakery China fair. This is Asia Pacific's leading event serving the entire value chain for the bakery and confectionery market. Annually held in Shanghai, the event enables global leading professionals to meet and share the latest innovations for the bakery industry. The show, held on May 9-12, occupies a stunning number of 17 halls at the exhibition centre in Shanghai (think: BIG). In 2017, the event featured over 2000 selected suppliers & manufactures from 30 countries and regions. This year, we will jointly make sure the Netherlands is placed firmly on the radar at this show! BakeryTechChina So what does BakeryTechChina do? Our consortium brings together Dutch expertise covering the entire value chain for industrial bakery products. This includes breads, pastries, cooking, cakes and pies. In technical terms, this means expertise in the field of ingredients, spraying systems, dough preparations, dough processing, aeration & crystallization, drying systems, modular tunnel rack ovens, refrigerating and total bakery system integration. Are you dizzy yet? All the things that we as consumers do not see (nor realize), but are essential to making a safe, healthy and quality bakery product. Both in the Netherlands, and in China... With the Dutch equipment and expertise, the Chinese industrial bakery companies are able to produce (Chinese) artisanal bakery products in an industrial manner. This improves food safety and efficiency, whilst lowering the operational costs (we are Dutch after all). Also, it provides a high degree of flexibility (think, many products produced on 1 line). From bakin' to handshakin' Enough said. If you are around in Shanghai from May 9-12, we cordially invited you to come and meet our consortium and the World Master Baker in the flesh at booth4A88 in hall W4:Equipment. See you there! Written by Wouter van Vliet, Larive
Dutch Industrial bakery companies exhibit at the Bakery China fair 2018 - Dutch Industrial bakery companies Zeelandia, Unispray, Sobatech, Rademaker, Tanis Food Tec, Ventilex, Dijko, Koma and Integrated Bakery will exhibit at the Bakery China fair 2018 in Shanghai, China, which will take place from May 9th till May 12th. We would like to invite you to our booth W4A88 in hall W4: Equipment. BakeryTechChina BakeryTechChina is a consortium of Dutch companies active in the industrial bakery sector. In China they focus on improving the industrial bakery production, safety and quality levels throughout the entire value chain by sharing Dutch expertise. The consortium brings together Dutch expertise covering the entire value chain from ingredients to spraying systems, dough preparations, dough processing, depositing, drying systems, modular tunnel rack ovens, refrigerating and total bakery system integration. Bakery China fair 2018 Bakery China is the Asia Pacific’s leading event serving the entire value chain for the bakery and confectionery market. Annually held in Shanghai, the event enables global leading professionals and buyer delegates to meet and share the latest innovations and thinking on manufacturing & distribution, R&D, applications and related services for bakery industry. Bakery China 2018, held on May 9-12, will occupy all the 17 halls of SNIEC, totally 200,000sqm. In 2017, the event featured 2,034 selected suppliers & manufactures from 30 countries and regions, offering 122,284 visiting professionals from 105 countries and regions the opportunity to learn and network, as well as to source and trade the widest selection of quality and cost effective bakery ingredients, equipment, applications and related products & services. Meet us Meet our Dutch value chain approach for high quality and food safety at booth W4A88 in hall W4:Equipment Chinese clients can follow our WeChat account. -Written by Larive International
SoBaTech builds world’s largest continuous dosing, mixing and kneading system with a time payback of less than two years - Dutch machine builder passes on a massive 40% reduction in energy consumption compared to alternative systems. Background In 2010, SoBaTech Bakery Technology in Maastricht, the Netherlands, successfully introduced the EasyMixer continuous mixing and kneading system. It took a decisive leap forward when it manufactured, installed and commissioned one of the world’s largest continuous dough mixing and kneading line for a large South African company. This project includes an embedded loss-in-weight (LIW) system, which represents a major technological achievement. SoBaTech focuses primarily on meeting customer demands for high dough quality and consistency, in very large volumes. Gilian Lekner, Director and major shareholder of SoBaTech Bakery Technology, explains: “The challenge industrial bakeries face is a consistent dough quality, regardless of who operates the line. Another aspect is energy consumption and the reduction thereof, a hot topic in the industry. Moreover, industrial bakers also want a solution to the desire for less salt in bread.” Transparent dosing system SoBaTech co-operated with Rockwell Automation in The Netherlands to develop an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PAC-based LIW application that offers huge advances in terms of functionality and openness in comparison to the regular controllers used for metering hoppers. “The big advantage for our customer is that it now has an open and transparent dosing system. This is much more attractive for the user compared to other solutions, which are based on proprietary ‘black boxes’,” explains Lekner. “It is impossible to make modifications to the software within a black box system, but because Rockwell Automation works with open-source software, we were able to collaborate on the development of an LIW application tailor-made for the type of ingredients we work with.” Safety Mixing and kneading equipment pose considerable safety risks. Due to the mass inertia, the machines do not stop immediately the moment they are switched off. With the Allen-Bradley MSR300 Safety Relays, the machine is equipped with fail-safe control of the motors. In the event of a shutdown, the machine stops in a controlled manner. The safety module sends a signal to the multiple Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 755 drives, and all mixing and kneading movements are stopped within a safe time span. Collaboration with Rockwell Automation When awarded the contract for the huge line in South Africa, SoBaTech faced a great challenge. “To carry out this project, we worked very closely with Rockwell Automation,” Lekner says. “Our line produces the dough in a continuous flow rather than in batches. Herein lays the secret to the consistent quality a SoBatech system achieves, which is ideal for large-volume production. Furthermore, a Sobatech system uses a massive 40% less energy than comparable equipment from our competitors. Besides the actual mixing and kneading of the dough, our line includes ingredient handling, dough preparation, dough processing and finally the baking and cooling.” The line was commissioned in March 2010. After extensive testing and performance measurement by the customer, it entered production immediately. “Our collaboration with Rockwell Automation was very open, close and productive,” states Lekner. “The entire control system for the line is implemented using Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley products, including ControlLogix programmable automation controllers (PACs), PanelView Plus HMIs, MSR300 Safety Relays, switching equipment and multiple PowerFlex 755 drives.” Result “All this has resulted in the largest installation for the production of toast-bread in the world,” Lekner elaborates. “The new line processes eight tonnes of dough per hour; that is the equivalent of 160,000 hamburger buns each hour. Imagine the quantity of meat this represents, per hour! “The investment in the Sobatech continuous dosing, mixing and kneading part of the line is 10% lower than for a batch-style equivalent. On top of this it also realises enormous savings in power consumption because, among other advantages, our line does not require an ice machine for cooling.” Lekner continues “There is also less waste during production, due to the consistent quality of the dough. Another advantage of the new system is the ability to service it remotely. The daily cleaning has also become a much more simple operation – something that will be appreciated every day. This is due to the fully automated clean-in-place (CIP), which meets the highest hygiene standards in the bakery industry.” Lekner concludes “Thanks to the excellent working relationship with Rockwell Automation, the pay-back time for this new continuous dosing, mixing and kneading system is less than two years – thanks to the reduction of waste, the savings on energy and raw material costs and the lower maintenance requirements” Additional Information The results mentioned above are specific to SoBaTech Bakery Technology’s use of Rockwell Automation products and services in conjunction with other products. Specific results may vary for other customers.


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