The lower the variations in the process, the less need to adjust, the lower the variations in the end-result. The case of continuous dough mixing is the case of process control. Process control is seen as the control of transforming individual ingredients into a tasty and cost-effective food product. Sobatech’s continuous mixers have an innovative control system that includes:


    Sobatech’s continuous mixer constantly audits and controls dough development. It registers the energy that is put into the product in Wh/kg. This objective parameter makes it possible to instantly respond to fluctuations in product quality (e.g. raw material quality). Sobatech’s continuous mixing systems are the only one in the world that constantly monitor the energy in Wh/kg that is put into the dough.


    All product specific parameters are collected into recipes. The system can contain over 100 recipes so that a product change-over can be done by the simple push of a button. The complete continuous mixing procedure is monitored and initiated by the control system. This allows the operator to monitor and modify as needed.


    The control system can be provided with an industrial internet router. This allows Sobatech to always support remotely. Please note, Sobatech believes in the power of open source software. This means there are no hidden systems and no protected passwords. All screens in the HMI can be open and accessible to the customer.


    All systems including the continuous dosing of the seperate ingredients are PLC controlled. The system is completely self-monitoring and self-correcting. Both the process value and set value are monitored and initiated by the control system. The continuous dosing hoppers measure the weight reduction per time unit (based on the  loss-in-weight principle). Sobatech’s software system measures the flow of ingredients multiple times per second. Adjustments are made immediately, making it possible to achieve an extremely consistent dough quality.

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