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    Breadcrumbs | Continuous Mixing

    Breadcrumbs bring a distinctive crunchy flavor to dishes such as meat, fish, and vegetables and can serve as a protective layer for delicate foods. Additionally, breadcrumbs play a crucial role in binding ingredients together, ensuring consistency and shape retention. By incorporating breadcrumbs as a filling material to boost mass weight, cost savings can be realized.

    Sobatech supplied breadcrumb production lines all over the world with a general scope of supply that consists out of: (1) the continuous dosing of solids and liquid ingredient, (2) the continuous mixing of these ingredients into a homogeneous final dough mass and (3) optionally a continuous resting phase.

    Benefits Continuous Mixing Breadcrumbs Production Line

    Continuous mixing of breadcrumbs offers numerous advantages for food manufacturers:

    1. Energy Cost Savings
      • Ability to handle shorter dough types (containing less water) due to Sobatech’s milled mixing tools saving energy costs in baking and drying.
      • The installation utilizes only the essential amount of energy to produce dough with the desired properties.
    2. Operational Cost Savings
      • Automation (dark room operation). Sobatech continuous mixing equipment is entirely automated and operates without human intervention. The installation can run continuously¬† without requiring operators’ attention.
      • Kneading intensity (low product-tooling ratio). The moisture content is vital in producing specially baked bread for breadcrumbs to ensure cost efficiency. To achieve the desired outcome, it is crucial to bake the unique bread recipe with minimal water content. Evaporating moisture during the drying phase is key for optimal results. Decreasing the water content in the recipe provides various benefits and demands a thorough mixing process. In traditional batch mixing systems, the mixing process may be time-consuming.
      • Low maintenance cost.
    3. Product Quality Consistency
      • No batch-to-batch dough variations.
      • Product quality independent of operators. Sobatech offers a fully automated breadcrumb manufacturing process. This process integrates continuous mixing with continuous dosing equipment for all ingredients, eliminating the need for manual labor in the dosing and mixing stages.

    Breadcrumbs Continuous Mixing  Breadcrumb dough


    • Capacities between 1.000 and 10.000 kg/hr in one continuous mixing system.
    • Automatic Cleaning in Place (CIP). Sobatech provides an option to integrate CIP features into components of the manufacturing setup. The mixing chamber of the continuous mixer is equipped with a fully automated cleaning procedure, facilitating seamless cleaning while switching between recipes. This cleaning operation usually takes only 15 minutes, ensuring a rapid and efficient process. Consequently, downtime is significantly reduced when transitioning between doughs of different colors.
    • High accuracy dosing of solid & liquid ingredients.
    • Small foot print, simple system set-up. Sobatech equipment is recognized for its space-saving capabilities on the work floor, especially when compared to employing multiple batch mixing stations. This advantage proves particularly beneficial in scenarios with substantial hourly dough production requirements. The components of an Sobatech continuous mixer are carefully crafted to ensure a compact design.
    • High process flexibility in capacity, recipe and kneading intensity.
    • Constant control of kneading energy & dough temperature.
    • Integration & communication with dough make-up line.
    • Possibility to use lower quality flour (less protein and with lower water absorption).


    Breadcrumb Production Line