Continuous bulk fermenter inside

    Pizza Dough Fermenter [ready for shipment]

    Another continuous bulk fermenter is ready for shipment this week.

    Apart from continuous dosing and mixing systems, Sobatech offers continuous bulk fermenters. The fermenters allow for your product to rest in order to develop taste, consistency and aroma. During the fermentation process, carbon dioxide is produced and trapped as tiny pockets of air within the dough.

    The gluten network of dough is created by adding controlled (mechanical) energy into the product. Sobatech constantly measures and controls this so called specific mechanical energy (SME) it brings into the dough. The more developed the dough – the stronger the gluten network; this allows the dough to be better able to hold the gas inside of it.

    After the controlled input of energy during the continuous mixing phase, the dough is automatically transported to the Sobatech continuous bulk fermenter. The resting time inside the fermenter can be controlled by adjusting the screw speed inside the fermentation tube. Furthermore, the fermenter can be equipped with double jackets to stabilize dough temperature. Lastly, humidity inside the fermentation tube can be controlled.

    All in all, combining time with an equal and controlled exposure to the right environmental conditions are the vital features of a Sobatech continuous bulk fermenter.

    continuous bulk fermenter

    Continuous bulk fermenter inside