Sobatech partners with GMT

    Garda Mandiri Teknik partners with Sobatech to offer continuous mixing systems to the Indonesian market

    Today we are proud to officially announce that Garda Mandiri Teknik will be Sobatech’s new continuous representative helping to meet the increased demand for continuous mixing in the territory of Indonesia. 

    P.T Garda Mandiri Teknik (GMT) was established almost 25 years ago with the idea of bridging the customers and principals interest. Since opening their doors, GMT has been creating a crucial and an ever-expanding network of companies in some of the biggest parts of the confectionary & snacks industry. 

    Sobatech’s continuous mixing equipment complements the existing portfolio of GMT allowing food producers to increase throughput and product quality while keeping operational costs down. 

    Sobatech is proud to join forces with P.T Garda Mandiri Teknik (GMT) and looks forward to meet the increased demand for continuous production in the Indonesian market. 

    To learn more, visit GMT online or follow us on LinkedIn.  Visit this page to see an overview of Sobatech’s international representation or contact us below.

      Sobatech partners with GMT