(Granola) bars

    Bars come in a lot of varieties, such as chocolate bars, granola bars, nut bars and protein bars. The base of (granola) bars can be compressed ingredients such as oats, nuts and seeds. Bars mostly contain a variety of inclusions that may or may not brake during the process. Therefore, Sobatech’s continuous mixing systems allow to feed ingredients in different phases of the mixing system.  The staged addition of ingredients allows to provide each ingredient with a different mechanical treatment.

    This allows for nuts or seeds to be homogeneously mixed into the final bar mass without breaking down. Also, when including chocolate chips or caramel chunks their individual melting points are taken into consideration during the mixing process.


    Product specification

    Various raw dry materials and viscous liquids have to be mixed for the production of chocolate and cereal bars. Sobaech’s continuous mixing system offers the complete solution from automatic feeding of the various ingredients up and including the homogeneous mixing of the final mass. The mixer handles flow rates up to 10.000 kg/hr and can be equipped with double jackets for effective temperature control.