Chocolate is mostly made from cocoa powder mixed with fat (i.e. cocoa butter) and powdered sugar to produce a solid confectionery. There are a variety of chocolate types, classified primarily according to the proportion of cocoa and fat content used in a formulation.


    Sobatech’s continuous dosing and mixing system can automatically feed the ingredients like cocoa powder, cocoa butter and sugar to a homogeneous chocolate mass. The mixing process combines homogenizing ánd shearing allowing for shorter mixing times. The efficient homogenization of liquid and dry components and wetting of particle surfaces creates a high-quality chocolate mass.


    Chocolate making conventionally begins with mixing and size reduction of the ingredients: sugar, cocoa solids, and, for milk or white chocolate, milk powder. The result of this refining step is often called ‘flake‘ and is then conched in order to (1) create the desired final flavour and (2) change it from a powdery state to a fluid that can be pumped.

    During the conching process, flavours are created, removed and changed, and all the solid particles are coated with fat.

    Sobatech believes that the same chocolate quality can be achieved in a shorter amount of time by using a more efficient conche.


    Product specification

    Sobatech’s disruptive technology in the field of chocolate conching forms an innovative alternative to the traditional conche; allowing to deliver the required kneading intensity in a very short amount of time.

    The majority of heat imparted to the chocolate mass is mechanical and comes from the high shear mixing tools. The remaining temperature increase is coming from the jackets and Sobatech’s HOT&COOL technology. Check out more about dough temperature control here.