Sobatech Industries for continuous dosing, mixing & kneading

The Sobatech equipment is characterised by being continuous, a very constant and homogeneous end product and the ability to apply high sheer forces during kneading. These characteristics are in demand in various industries where energy (sometimes a lot of it) has to be applied to raw materials in order to get a consistent mass.


Therefore, Sobatech continuous systems have found their way into:


  • Bakeries of bread products.
    Name a bread product and a Sobatech line delivers the dough for it: toast-bread, sandwich-bread, baguettes, rolls, hamburger buns, pizza’s, croissants, all types of pastry (puff & Danish), etc. Each line is tailor made in order to meet the requirements and demands of the bakery such as: a high number of cells, high or low volume, even or uneven distribution of cells, a cold dough, a high level of dough development, short mixing times, high or low water absorption. You name it. Furthermore, each line is also tailor made to deal with its specific production circumstances like: re-work, sponge dough, high flour temperatures, fluctuating flour temperatures, high or low grade flour (by measure of % of protein or % of damaged starch), liquid or solid yeast, etc.
  • Bakers of biscuits, cookies, waffles and cake-products.
    Sobatech continuous equipment uses specially designed tooling that allows for a very homogeneous dough while reducing the temperature increase during mixing/kneading to an absolute minimum. This is of great importance for the production of biscuits, cookies and the like. When this feature is joined by the ability to produce over 15 tons of dough per hour, fully automated with a very high energy efficiency and an unmatched level of weight-accuracy, Sobatech equipment is an attractive option for meeting the challenges of today’s market place.
  • Chocolate & cacao-mass end-products.
    Producing a high quality and consistent base for chocolate or cacao-mass based products is not easy. Cacao, fat, licitine, sugar and water are not natural ‘friends’ when it comes to mixing. A substantial amount of high sheer energy must be used to get it right. Sobatech continuous equipment has proven itself to be very, very good at getting it right while keeping the energy consumption and temperature increase of the end-product low. This means that a homogeneous mass is formed while keeping the temperatutre below the cristalisation point of chocolate with the need for extra cooling or in-between production steps.
  • Other industries in need of high sheer & energy efficiency.
    High sheer mixing/kneading is used in various other industries as well. A wide range of raw materials require high sheer energy to form a consistent mass or emulsion. Examples are the chemical, pharmaceutical and animal-feed industry. Sobatech equipment is making its way into these industries as well. Also here tailor made tooling in order to meet specific end-product requirements are the norm that Sobatech is used to.