Dough temperature: everywhere the same – all the time

Sobatech continuous systems provide bakeries with a dough temperature that is always the same. This means that every piece of dough (no matter how small) in the total flow of dough always has the same temperature. That stays the same!


Dough temperature is one of the key parameters used by bakeries to evaluate the quality of the dough. No matter if the dough temperature needs to be low (around 15 to 17° C) or high (in the range of 30-35° C) Recipes state a required dough temperature and line operators check the dough temperature constantly. Fluctuations in dough temperature have an immediate effect on the dough make-up and the end-product.


Sobatech is the specialist in equipment for preparing a well-developed dough at a constant temperature. A Sobatech continuous system monitors and regulates the dough temperature constantly. This is done through mixing water needed for the dough preparation from 3 temperature sources:

  • Cold = 4-5° C
  • Ambient = 12-15° C
  • Warm = 20-22° C

In addition to this, the Sobatech continuous mixer & kneader have a double jacket providing extra cooling capacity when needed. The dough has a large exposure to the cooled mixer & kneading housing surface which gives and very efficient cooling effect. Experience shows that this option is only used when a low dough temperature (15-17° C) is required. More common dough temperatures of 27 to 31° C can most often be obtained without additional cooling through the double jacket. Even with flour temperatures of up to 35° C and a high kneading intensity.


No ice or ice-water needed

The very effective temperature regulation through the water, the very efficient double-jacket cooling (when needed) and the high energy efficiency of the Sobatec kneading system eliminate the need for cooling the dough with ice or ice-water. This represents a substantial cost saving of up to € 75.000 – 80.000 per year (every year).


The result is a constant dough temperature representing a constant quality of the dough and the end-product. The headache of differences in dough temperature and thus dough development is a thing of the past when using Sobatech continuous technology.