Sobatech: Innovation has always been (and will always be) our business.


Early in the 21th century, Gilian Lekner (owner & managing director) spotted the possibilities of continuous dosing, mixing & kneading in the bread industry. This was due to the exposure to industrial bakeries by other companies of the Sotec Group. He immediately grasped the potential for energy and waste reduction in bread production when a constant and consistent flow of dough enters a bread line.


However, there is a difference in spotting a possibility and actually designing, manufacturing and commissioning equipment that delivers on these promises. Therefore the history of Sobatech (Sotec Baking Technology) is a story of ambitious developments and the creation of a continuous system that produces the same dough, all the time and everywhere. Regardless of the types of flour and other dry & liquid ingredients that are used world-wide.


The key areas of attention for developing solutions that were not yet available were (and are):

  • Accurate continuous dosing. Sobatech has developed dedicated software that ensures a continuous and accurate flow of dry ingredients, both in loss-in-weight situations as gain-in-weight situations (during re-fill of a hopper). The same was done for liquid ingredients of low, middle and high viscosity.
  • Optimizing the mixing of the different dry & liquid ingredients in order to create a better absorption and a homogeneous blend of ingredients. The birth of the Sobatech homogenizer was the most important step in this development. Together with improved mixing tools, the homogenizer is responsible for the high consistency and mix quality Sobatech stand for.
  • Complete newly designed kneading tools. The development of the dough according to bakery requirements was (and is) a main focus of Sobatech. By creating completely new and unique kneading tools, Sobatech can meet every demand in kneading intensity, even at very short mixing times,  while keeping dough temperatures at an absolute minimum.

All the equipment developments that Sobatech has made were driven by the absolute dedication to the ‘system-approach’: every part of the process must be in close harmony with each other in order to get the best bread possible. This system-approach is also used in Sobatech’s approach to its customers. Sobatech embraces close partnerships and co-operation with producers of dough make-up equipment because it knows that the customer is served best when the Sobatech line and the dough make-up line work in close harmony too!


Allthough innovation & development never stops, Sobatech is now ready to change the face of dosing, mixing & kneading. Sobatech is a dedicated and enthusiastic team of people focussed on making continuous is the new standard.