Chocolate Conching | Continuous Mixing

    Chocolate Conching | Continuous Mixing

    During chocolate conching, a homogeneous flowing suspension is prepared from an inhomogeneous mixture of particulates (sugar, milk solids & cocoa solids), and cocoa butter by prolonged mechanical action and the staged addition of dispersants.

    At Sobatech, we are all about creating the perfect chocolate experience. That means achieving a smooth, delicious mixture – a fancy way of saying a homogeneous flowing suspension. Here is the challenge: finding the ideal mixing and chocolate conching time. It is all about balance. We want it to be quick enough to take advantage of our super-efficient technology, but slow enough to remove moisture and develop that rich, decadent chocolate flavor you love. That is the sweet spot we are constantly striving for – shorter processing times without sacrificing taste. And with Sobatech, you can achieve that perfect balance!

    Elements Forming the Basic Principle

    • System consists out of kneading and shearing elements.
      • High shear (until 25 wh/kg)
      • Extreme high shear (25 wh/kg+)
    • Low product-tooling ratio.
    • Open surface on top to allow water and acids to evaporate.
    • Precise temperature control (by heating/cooling the mixing chamber).
      • Traditional conch temperature 50 C – 70 C.
    • Controlled TIP-speed (speed of the mixing tool relative to the mixing chamber).
    • The motor torque remains maximal until the effect of the lecithin injection.
    • Expected energy savings of up to 50% compared to existing conch systems.
    • Depending of refining stage mixing and conching in one system.
    • Significant lower CAPEX/OPEX compared to existing systems.


    Homogeneity in chocolate conching refers to the process of achieving a smooth, uniform texture and flavor in chocolate production through mixing. By using a continuous mixer, a uniform chocolate mixture can be achieved in a shorter mixing time than with traditional chocolate conching methods.

    Chocolate Conching - Different mixers

    Chocolate Conching | Continuous Mixing