Sobatech hygienic continuous dosing system


Sobatech understands that dosing is essential for reaching the required product quality. We truly believe that if the various raw materials are not dispensed in the correct quantities to begin with, it will never be possible to produce a correct product. Therefore, the dosage of all solid & liquid ingredients is constantly monitored: the line stops and gives an alarm signal if a dosage deviates from the set value. The default settings are that if a dose for more than 20 seconds deviates more than 2% from the set value, the line automatically stops and gives an alarm. The time and % of the deviation are adjustable. 

Loss In Weight

Sobatech believes in the benefits of gravimetric dosing which is based on the loss-in-weight (LIW) principle. This is a dynamic measuring principle that, based on the measured weight loss per time unit, can measure and regulate the dosed quantity according to the close loop principle. In order to ensure a constant flow of product a flat bottom dosing hopper without  vibration- or airpads is used.

Hopper refill

The refilling is done at the assymmetrical location in the dosing hopper to prevent the product from being compressed above the dosing screw. This ensures accuracte dosing even during gain in weight. The metering hopper is seperated from the fixed world by means of a weighing frame mounted on shock absorbers in order to minimize vibrations and other outside influences.

Digital load cells

In order to achieve the highest possible dosing accuracy, all gravimetric dosing units are equipped with digital weighing cells that communicate with our open source software of the PLC through an Ethernet connection. Each dosing hopper is equipped with 3 digital loadcells and venting filters to eliminate pressure differences.

No black boxes

The dosing software consists of an open source PLC software written by Sobatech. No black boxes! This software controls the feeder-pumps and other hardware involved in the continuous dosing of ingredients. It ensures a continuous and accurate flow of both dry ingredients und loss-in-weight situations (normal operation) as well as gain-in-weight (during refill of a hopper) and liquid ingredients of low, middle & high viscosity. The software measures the flow of ingredients five times (!!!) per second and adjustments are made immediately, making it possible to achieve an extremely consistent dough quality.

Dry ingredients

A Sobatech continuous dosing system is unique in allowing dry ingredients to enter the complete mixing and kneading process at a very late stage and blending it extremely well into the mass with a remarkably even distribution. This enhances consistency and quality of the end-product. The loss-in-weight feeder receives a set point from the system recipe control. The set point and actual value are constantly communicated and compared.

Liquid ingredients

Besides that, the same passion for accuracy applies to the continuous dosing of liquid ingredients. State of the art measurement equipment, such as magnetic and coriolis flow meters are used to regulate the correct quantity of liquid ingredients entering the system. Depending on the specific ingredient, the liquid dosing systems can be jacketed for heating or cooling.

Sobatech's continuous dosing hopper
Sobatech’s dosing hopper
Sobatech's continuous water dosing
Sobatech’s water dosing
Sobatech hygienic continuous dosing system
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