Dutch bakery innovation for China

    In November 2018, the Dutch bakery consortium BakeryTechChina will visit Hangzhou, Xiamen, Guangzhou and Hong Kong region to share their expertise in the industrial baking industry. Chinese media as Tencent Media, EastdaySohu News, and Ifeng news wrote an article about their story.

    Dutch bakery innovation

    The BakeryTechChina consortium brings together the Netherlands’ outstanding expertise in the baking industry, especially in modern industrial baking, covering everything from raw materials to spraying systems, dough preparation, dough handling, filling & depositing, drying, baking, freezing and integration of whole baking systems.The alliance visited Hangzhou, Shanghai, Jinan and Beijing in November last year, and discussed the potential of cooperation with major players in China’s industrial baking industry, such as Want Want Group, 85 Degrees and Paris Baguette. November 2018, BakeryTechChina will continue their journey to meet Chinese industrial bakery companies in the Southeast of China.

    Impact tour 

    For their 4rd impact tour ten companies hope to show the world’s leading Dutch industrial baking production technology, safety standards and quality levels to China’s baking peers, and look forward to build new partnerships. The consortium will be traveling from 18-24 November in the Hangzhou, Xiamen, Guangzhou and Hong Kong Region. Go to the WeChat account or sent an email to Ivy Cao ( to meet the group in person.

    Written by Larive International