Continuous mixing system

    Continuous mixing system

    Phase 2 mixing

    A continuous mixing system by Sobatech uses a 2-phase process for mixing the ingredients into a consistent and homogeneous mass. As soon as all ingredients are evenly and accurately distributed over the complete mass (phase 1), the development takes place (phase 2). This is done in a controlled and extremely precise way during kneading . 

    The homogenizer (phase 1 mixing)

    Both phase 1 mixing (the homogenizer) and phase 2 mixing (the continuous kneader) are based on the first-in / first-out principle. After gravimetrically dosing the powder ingredients, they pass through the homogenizer phase. In this phase the powders are, by means of medium pressure, injected by the liquid ingredients. The liquids enter the homogenizer in a pre-defined order. This non-mechanical way of blending the ingredients is what we call the first phase of mixing. The homogenizer phase guarantees a high level of water absorption and therefore more moisture in the final product.

    The continuous kneader (phase 2 mixing)

    The contra-rotating mixing tools of the continuous kneader (phase 2 mixing), are responsible for the controlled flow of mass throughout the mixer. The combination of a relatively small amount of product in the mixing chamber with a relatively high volume of mixer tooling (high product-tooling ratio), result in a remarkable high energy efficiency. A large part of the energy developed by the mixer tooling is put into the product. The Sobatech continuous mixers have the ability to apply exceptional high shear forces during kneading.

    Product specification


    Sobatech sold continuous mixers ranging from 50 kg/hr to 10.000 kg/hr. This can be accomplished in an employee free operational environment resulting in significant (labor) cost savings.


    The Sobatech continuous mixing tools handle the raw materials gently and efficiently. Sensitive ingredients such as fruit, flakes, nuts or raisons can be introduced without degrading.


    The Sobatech continuous mixing system is a closed system. This means that there is no pollution from outside of the machine. Also, food safety is optimized by ensuring dough is never exposed to the environment. Cleaning the continuous mixer area is also much easier because there is less creation of dust.


    There are double safety switches mounted in the top covers of the continuous mixer to ensure that the tools stop turning immediately after opening. Also, a signal is given to the PLC so that part of the line stops normally. Lastly, a sound signal goes off to warn the operator.


    Sobatech’s continuous mixing system is able to carry out the mixing process in defined and controlled steps. The kneading characteristics of the second stage of mixing ensure a controlled energy input into the dough. This means there is less energy loss in a continuous dough mixer compared to a batch mixer. The so called “time to peak” point is reached faster.


    Sobatech continuous mixing systems can be equipped with an automatic cleaning in place system.