Continuous homogenizer

    Continuous homogenizer

    Phase 1 mixing

    Sobatech’s continuous mixing systems consist out of a 2-phase process for mixing the ingredients into a consistent and homogeneous mass. After being gravimetrically dosed, and on their way to the continuous mixer inlet, the ingredients pass through the homogenizer phase (phase 1 mixing). The homogenizer is responsible for injecting the liquid ingredients, by means of medium pressure, into the powder ingredients like flour and premix. The homogenizer consists out of different entry levels meaning that each liquid enters the homogenizer in a pre-defined order.

    This first phase of mixing is a non-mechanical way of blending the ingredients before controlled mechanical energy is applied to the product in the actual continuous kneader (phase 2 mixing).

    Product specification

    • Seperate connection point for each liquid
    • Possibility to inject at different levels within the homogenizer
    • Dedicated nozzles with spray pattern for all liquid ingredients
    • Fast & easy connection/dis-connection function (ensuring easy cleaning procedure)
    • Complete stainless steel execution