Continuous mixing temperature control

    Dough temperature control HOT&COOL

    As specialists in continuous food processing technology, Sobatech knows better than anyone else the critical impact of temperature on the development of dough. Eventhough, we have been cooling and heating dough inline for over decades, Sobatech’s latest innovation takes cooling and heating to a whole new level.

    Jacketed mixing chamber

    As each piece of dough gets the same mechanical treatment, the dough temperature is kept constant at all times. Besides that, Sobatech continuous mixers have a large contact surface with a relatively small amount of dough inside the mixing chamber. This results in efficient cooling or heating.


    With Sobatech’s patented mixing tools we can nowadays cook inline. Also, frozen doughs have become our specialty. This due to the fact that we cool down at the exact point of friction. Sobatech’s continuous mixers can cool precisely there where it heats up. The technology is called HOT&COOL.

    All in all, Sobatech’s automated mixing systems allow to easily (with the push of a button) control and manage the dough temperature of your preference. Is temperature control for you as important as it is for many of our customers? Please contact us and we are happy to present our latest developments with regards to dough temperature control.

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    Team Sobatech

    Continuous mixing temperature control