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HOT & COOL – temperature control

Dear reader,

As specialists in continuous dosing, mixing, and fermenting of foods we know better than anyone else the critical impact of temperature on the fermentation and development of dough. Even though we have been cooling and heating doughs inline for over decades, our latest innovation takes cooling and heating to a whole new dimension.

With Sobatech’s patented tools we can nowadays cook (!!!) inline.

Also, frozen doughs have become our specialty over the years as we cool down at the exact point of friction; cooling precisely there where we heat up. Our fully automated technology allows you to easily (with the push of a button) control and manage the dough temperature of your preference. See here an example of Sobatech’s temperature controlled high shear tools. Is temperature control for you as important as it is for many of our customers?

Please contact us and we are happy to talk you through our latest developments with regards to temperature control.

Continuous regards,

Geneviève Lekner