Meat (substitutes)

    Meat (substitutes)

    The market for plant-based meat analogues is booming and Sobatech is a part of it. With our continuous TVP hydration system we allow texturized vegetable proteins (TVP) (in all forms) to be equally hydrated before being mixed with all remaining ingredients. Most textured vegetable protein products absorb two to three times their weight in water or other liquids. After hydration, the TVPs are continuously dosed into the Sobatech continuous mixing system in which they are homogeneously mixed with the remaining ingredients such as seasoning, colouring and blends.

    In Sobatech’s testing facility is the only one in the world that allows to test a fully automated solution from TVP hydration up and including mixing the final product. Also, Sobatech’s demo centre includes a variety of forming and grinding options.

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    Meat (substitutes)

    Product specification

    The majority of meat analogs are processed in the same way as real meat. There are, however, distinctions in the formulations. The texture of the substance and the moisture content are the fundamental differences between meat and plant-based products. Vegetables and legumes, for example, have a higher moisture content than meat, therefore a mixture of vegetables does not adhere as well to each other.