Partnership TAAAS & SOBATECH

    TAAAS partners with Sobatech to offer Continuous Mixing Equipment to Benelux + France

    Sobatech is pleased to officially announce that Sobatech and taaas are joining forces in the territory of Benelux and France.

    Taaas BV, from Heule (B) is a distributor of novel technology for the manufacturing of future foods like plant-based meat alternatives. Sobatech is specialized in the designing, manufacturing and commissioning of innovative continuous mixing equipment for the food industry.

    Together they will meet the increased demand for continuous and offer automated dosing, hydrating and mixing equipment to the Benelux and France.

    The continuous production lines consist out of:

    1. the automated dosing of solid and liquid ingredients
    2. the continuous hydration of texturized vegetable proteins (TVP)
    3. the continuous mixing/homogenizing of the hydrated TVP with the remaining ingredients like seasoning and blend

    The technology is focused on simplifying the production process, reducing labor, cutting costs and improving product quality consistency.

    For more information about this collaboration, please contact us below.

      Partnership TAAAS & SOBATECH